My Picture

My name is Jim Sanders. I am a computer programmmer with as many years to know technology's past and the skills and curiousity to see technology move into the future. I also like to read, travel, experience new music and films, and to pet dogs.

In the menu above, you can click to see my Portfolio, which contains examples of the web development work I have done, some games I have developed, and some stories I have written. Under the Favorites menu, you can see my Circle of Trust, some of my favorite bands and authors. Also you can see lists of my favorite albums and films and books from each year, a list of blogs I like to keep up with, and my reading journal for the past few years. Also check out some photos I have taken in various cool places.

Under the Alternates menu, you can look at versions of my web page in Bootstrap JS, a Press Your Luck gameboard where you can discover favorite links of mine, and what this web page would have looked like back in 1998!

You can also check out an inspirational romantic suspense novel that my brother John Sanders wrote under the tab John Sanders' writing