Are you looking for an uplifting and exciting story about second chances with love and family, about forgiveness leading to opportunities helping kids in the Missouri Ozarks, and defending faith and freedom against a powerful foe?

John has written his first book!

Rebuilding Shattered Hearts: Romance in the Ozarks After Exoneration

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What's it about?

After spending twelve years in a Missouri prison for a rape and murder crime that he did not commit, Jerry Lane is exonerated thanks to new DNA evidence. He is simply looking to live a simple life with his mom and his brother in Columbia, MO, and find a way to reconnect with his kids who are now in college. Jerry learns to overcome the pain and anguish he had experienced in prison from losing twelve precoius years of raising his son and daughter, who went from elementary school age to college age during Jerry's time in prison. He must also shed the demons arising from the trauma he experienced in prison.

When an unexpected advocate, a person responsible for his wrongful conviction, approached Jerry and offers to make amends with him by leaving her valuable property in Southern Missouri to him, Jerry must dig deep, with the help of God and his family, to find the power to forgive this person and accept her help in rebuilding his life by taking over a small private school. Unexpectedly, Jerry also finds out that a lady that he would be working with has also suffered similar setbacks in life. Jerry quickly finds out that he and his new friend are best suited to help each other out. Jerry hopes that his new friendship can grow as he reconnects with his kids and overcomes the pain of having been away from them for so long. Jerry also takes on new responsibilities that reward him by helping out the kids in the school.

However, a dark force in the form of a vile criminal emerges. He hates Jerry for taking over an inheritance that includes the school where he works. This criminal will stop at nothing to derail Jerry's great new life and take over Jerry's inheritance that he feels entitled to, even if it means having Jerry eliminated. So Jerry must use the survival skills that he had learned in prison, along with relying on his burgeoning romance with his new friend, to take on this evil criminal to protect his family and enjoy the new life that he had always deserved with his new love and family.

Look for more inspirational stories from John Sanders in the future!