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This is who I look like.



I like to participate in the annual Nanowrimo contest. This represents the peak of recognition (and money) my writing has gotten me. But I one day hope to be published in a real book that people can read.

This page lists some of the short stories I have written as well as lists of some of the favorite books I have read each year. You can also read a book my Aunt Marguerite Cobb wrote about a journey undertaken by one of my ancestors, an incredibly brave woman, during the Civil War.

You can also see a list of books I have read each year, going back to 2005.


I want to introduce you to my Circle of Trust, which is where I list my favorite bands and authors.
I also have lists of my favorite albums and movies each year going back to the year of my birth, 1967.


I also have a page dedicated to my favorite music festivals. I attended the Cornerstone Festival numerous times from 1991 through the festivals final year, 2012. There is also a website dedicated to the Audiofeed Festival, which continues the Cornerstone legacy each summer in Urbana Illinois, and is awesome.

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