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I like to participate in the annual Nanowrimo contest. This represents the peak of recognition (and money) my writing has gotten me. But I one day hope to be published in a real book that people can read.

This page lists some of the short stories I have written as well as lists of some of the favorite books I have read each year. You can also read a book my Aunt Marguerite Cobb wrote about a journey undertaken by one of my ancestors, an incredibly brave woman, during the Civil War.

You can also see a list of books I have read each year, going back to 2005.


I want to introduce you to my Circle of Trust, which is where I list my favorite bands and authors.
I also have lists of my favorite albums and movies each year going back to the year of my birth, 1967.

Also, to access some more links of things I'm interested in, scroll over and click the buttons on the strip running down the middle of this page.

Also, I like to travel and visit interesting places. And you can Check out the pictures!

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I also have a page dedicated to my favorite music festivals. I attended the Cornerstone Festival numerous times from 1991 through the festivals final year, 2012. There is also a website dedicated to the Audiofeed Festival, which continues the Cornerstone legacy each summer in Urbana Illinois, and is awesome.

A wonderful friend of mine, Jenny Soldan, is very sick with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Jenny is a very special person. Click here to know more about this wonderful lady.